Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Failed US doomsday prophet dies

The woman behind a Montana sect that prepared for a nuclear holocaust that never came has died, leaving her followers pretty much directionless.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet - "Mother" to her thousands of followers - died, aged 70, following a decade-long fight with Alzheimer's disease.

Back in 1990, such supposed made a doomsday prediction that, predictably, failed to occur. The Church Universal and Triumphant still keeps its 750-person underground shelters stocked with food, though attempts to find a successor to Mother have so far produced none:

"Since Prophet fell ill, at least 15 people have stepped forward claiming to be the next messenger"

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matthew mclaughlin said...

I often wonder...does the doomsday prophet whose prophesized 'day of doom' is approaching hope for said end of the world so to give all the naysayers the proverbial middle finger as he or she perishes with the rest of us, or breath a sigh of relief that it actually didn't come to pass - despite being labeled as 'failed'.