Friday, 30 October 2009

Finally ... THE END IS NIGH #4!

The next issue of the THE END IS NIGH will launch at Impressions Gallery in Bradford this Sunday (1st November) at a fantastic free event!

Our first issue since 2006 sees writers Alan Moore and Iain Sinclair pay tribute to the post-apocalyptic genius of JG Ballard, we mark the forthcoming milestone of 1,000 days till the end of the world, we examine The Rise of the Machines, we ponder on which animal will unleash the next killer flu plague, we ask 'Is Obama the Antichrist?' ... and it all comes with a free game of END TRUMPS, where the fate of mankind truly is in your hands!

The whole thing is topped off with an amazingly apocalyptic cover by Defoe artist Leigh Gallagher! We also have contributions from writer John Reppion, along with 2000 AD boarders Ed Berridge and The Emperor!

Keep an eye on after this weekend for the chance to get your hands on a copy - stocks are limited!

Here is the blurb about this weekend's event:

From the Large Hadron Collider to the end of Mayan calendar in 2012, our fascination with potential apocalypse is ever present. Inspired by our exhibition The Last Things, Journalist Michael Molcher and editor of zine The End is Nigh, will take an informed yet satirical look at the speculation surrounding the end of the world in his free illustrated talk at 2pm. Join us and help predict the date the world will end!

Throughout the afternoon the award winning independent Comic Book Shop OK Comics, will be transporting their Drink and Draw event over to Impressions. Like-minded comic fans, budding artists and designers will be able to meet, exchange ideas, sup free hot tea and scribble away. Paper will be rolled over all the tables in the Studio and pens left everywhere, so come along and draw whatever you feel like. Everyone is welcome no matter what your artistic ability and pro comic book artist Leigh Gallagher will be on hand to trouble shoot your illustration irritations at his drop in surgery.

OK Comics will also be bringing a selection of apocalypse themed comic books, which you can browse over a wedge of cake, or yours to buy and take away.

Amble into the gallery and you’ll have a last chance to see our exhibition The Last Things by David Moore before it closes on 8 November 2009. Described by writer Iain Sinclair as a "photographer of secret spaces", Moore provides an exclusive glimpse of the Ministry of Defence’s secret crisis management centre beneath the streets of central London. This hidden space, only to be used in a major national emergency, hides a strictly controlled working environment continuously on stand-by in which a looming sense of threat is ever present.

More details of the venue here.

So do come along, meet the team, be the first to buy the new issue and hang out in a great venue!


Emperor said...

Could the End is Nigh get any nigher?

Cracking cover - Leigh has published the "making of" on his blog. Of course, the inside looks pretty spiffy from what I've seen too - the previous issues were not shabby on the graphic design front but this feels like a real step up and looks seriously slick and professional. The actual words and pictures aren't too bad either ;)

Good luck with the launch, personally I'll be hiding in a bunker somewhere in NW England feeling pity for all of you fools who chose to be above ground during such momentous events!! FOOLS!!

Rich Johnston said...

Send me a PDF and I'll see what I can do -