Wednesday, 10 September 2008

And that was The World Tonight

Well, that didn't go too badly.

Appeared on BBC Radio Four's The World Tonight to talk about the apocalyptic kerfuffle over the LHC. Managed to plug the mag and get my points across - couple of sound bites I'd prepared went unused and since the other guest (see below) mentioned the atomic bomb I *should* have said about how Oppenheimer's team wasn't 100% that Gadget (see issue two) wouldn't set off a chain reaction in the upper atmosphere that would engulf the planet in flame.

The other guest was Paul Boyer, a history professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison whose area of expertise includes prophetic and apocalyptic beliefs in America. His book, When Time Shall Be No More, has now been added to my reading list and I'm probably going to be dropping him a line to say hi.

You should be able to hear it again here once the BBC has uploaded it. I think we were about half an hour into the programme.

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